DIY Gunsmithing to Optics: The Journey of JSD Supply & Gideon Optics

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In this episode of “For the Love of Guns,” host Jason Schaller interviews Bobby Millimeter from JSD Supply, Gideon Optics, and PR Triggers. Bobby shares his journey in the builder community, discussing his extensive experience in assembling and building guns since 2012. They talk about the growth and evolution of JSD Supply, from a small operation with a single table at gun shows to a thriving business with multiple brands. Bobby also delves into his role at the company and his collaboration with Jordan Vinroe, highlighting their innovative approach to serving the firearms community. Additionally, Bobby provides insights into the launch of Gideon Optics and the importance of offering reliable products at competitive prices. Throughout the episode, listeners can enjoy Bobby’s humor and passion for the industry, along with an exclusive discount code for Gideon Optics.

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Topics Discussed

• Introduction to Bobby Millimeter and his background
• The evolution of JSD Supply
• The growth of the builder community
• The launch and development of Gideon Optics
• The role of innovation and community service in JSD Supply’s success
• Bobby’s personal journey and experiences in the firearms industry

Entities Mentioned and Resources

• Bobby Millimeter: Guest from JSD Supply, Gideon Optics, and PR Triggers
• JSD Supply: A company specializing in firearm parts and supplies
• Gideon Optics: A brand offering reliable and competitively priced optics
• PR Triggers: Part of the JSD Supply family
• Jordan Vinroe: Key figure in JSD Supply and Gideon Optics
Ammo Squared: Sponsor and ammunition investment service
• Hold My Guns: Non-profit organization providing firearm storage solutions

Notable Quote

“And this is the way innovation gets done man, you know, of course companies big companies have R and D departments. But if we really want to see anything new not just new cool-looking stuff if we want to see things become safer if we want to see any enhancements or advancements in the firearms industry It’s gonna come it’s gonna come from the guys that are building their own guns that are designing their own stuff at home.” — Bobby Millimeter at 01:07:45.


• Firearms
• Gun building
• JSD Supply
• Gideon Optics
• PR Triggers
• DIY gunsmithing
• Optics
• Community service
• Innovation

Episode Outline with YouTube Chapter Marks

1. 00:00 – Introduction: Welcome and introduction of Bobby Millimeter
2. 00:03 – Bobby’s Background: Bobby discusses his journey in the builder community
3. 00:09:20 – Evolution of JSD Supply: The growth from a small table at gun shows to a successful business
4. 00:22:24 – Role at JSD Supply: Bobby’s responsibilities and experiences
5. 00:34:52 – Innovation in the Industry: The launch and development of Gideon Optics
6. 00:39:27 – Community Service: How JSD Supply serves the firearms community
7. 01:07:45 – Notable Projects and Challenges: Insights into significant projects and overcoming challenges
8. 01:24:53 – Conclusion: Closing remarks and where to find more information
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