Partners and Discounts

Here are some great partners that we think would give you great products for shooting and your life.

Aero Precision

Aero Precision is an industry leading manufacturer of quality AR15 & AR10 parts and accessories. Our expertise is upper and lower receivers, but we also manufacture and sell complete rifles, handguards, barrels, scope mounts, spare parts and more. Our roots are in the aerospace industry and that shows through superior engineering and manufacturing that is second to none.


Amazon is the largest retailer in the world. Chances are if you can’t find it here, it doesn’t exist.

AMMO Squared

Ammo2 Is your online ammo purchasing and storage solution. Think of it as your Ammo Retirement Account. It is a lot like a 401k but without the early withdrawal penalty from the government.

AR500 Armor

AR500 Armor® launched its own line of ballistic armor and body armor solutions in 2012. We entered the industry with the mindset of manufacturing top quality, reliable products that offered our customers high value solutions. 

Builder Boards – Checkout code TRB gets you free shipping!

Builder Boards help you keep your parts organized and walk you through your build in a smooth and efficient manner.  

ATN Scopes

ATN is revolutionizing the optics market. We are the leading manufacturer and developer of Night Vision & Thermal Imaging optics that provides vivid picture quality, user friendly features and capabilities that will sight your scope in one shot, range you in quickly with its internal Ballistic Calculator, and Recoil Activated Video that lets you Record your outdoor adventures.


Brownells is the worlds largest supplier of firearms accessories, gun parts & gunsmithing tools. Brownells is often the first place that DIY and Professional gunsmiths go to. It is definitely my first place when looking!


Caldwell is a shooting supplies brand that aims to take your shot to the next level. Whether you shoot competitively or recreationally, we provide a wide array of high quality, expert designed shooting gear. Our targets, eye and ear protection, and shooting accessories are engineered for perfection by a team of dedicated engineers that understand the shooting sports because they love them just as much as our first hand users. Serious Marksmen and first time shooters alike Head to the range with Caldwell, because we eliminate the variables that make you miss.

Cedar Mill Firearms

Cedar Mill Firearms is dedicated to providing quality protective cases and firearm accessories without compromise. While we are best known for pistol and rifle cases, our durable TSA and Airline Approved “gun cases” can also protect a wide range of other goodies

Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace Has Been A Leader In Optics For Responsible Firearm Owners And Professionals Alike For Nearly 25 Years. As An Undisputed Industry Leader In Mounted Laser Sights, Tactical Lights, And Scopes, We Place A Passionate Focus On Our Products Because We Know The Lives Of Our Customers May Just Depend On It. Every Product Is Engineered With The Finest Quality Materials To Be Durable And Reliable For All Your Shooting Needs. Crimson Trace Is Here To Elevate Confidence In All The Moments That Matter..

CrossBreed Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters makes and sells the most comfortable concealed carry holsters on the market. Our product lineup includes IWB Holsters, OWB Holsters, Gun Belts, and much more!

Having been in the holster business for 14 years CrossBreed is a well known company and has a reputation for quality and comfort, which will make selling our holsters and belts a breeze.

Falco Holsters – Checkout Code BANSHEE saves you 10%

Falco Holsters builds premium holsters by hand without the premium price. The company was founded in 1989 and is still the same family-owned business today as it was back then. They blend old-world craftsmanship with new-world carry options. 

Faxon Firearms

Faxon Firearms is an original manufacturer of premium rifle, pistol, and shotgun barrels. We are not a “small” shop or new company. Faxon has over 37 years of manufacturing expertise across the hardest and most precise parts the world has seen. We have parts on Mars (NASA), on aircraft (Boeing and Air Force), and in the deepest depths in seas. Leveraging this experience, we have continued to expand into bolts, carriers, receivers, and other parts with new machines coming online regularly.

Frankford Arsenal

Frankford Arsenal is dedicated to making the most extensive array of high quality reloading equipment available. From tumblers to deprimers, Frankford aims to get both competitive and recreational shooters from the bench to the bullseye by providing the tools to create the most consistent and effective ammunition possible.

GunMag Warehouse is an online destination striving to provide the best possible shopping experience for new and veteran shooters alike. Founded in 2012 with the simple goal of keeping every magazine currently in production, in-stock and ready to ship.

If you are looking to grow or build your website, you will have a great opportunity to have power of Avantlink and GunMag Warehouse on your side.

HangAR – Checkout Code TRB2024 Saves You 10% and Discounted Shipping

HangAR is a unique approach to storage of your ARs. This is an American made product that helps display your work as well as keeping your ARs organized and safe.

JSD Supply

JSD was founded in a love of guns and hate of paperwork. Since 2013, we’ve helped thousands of people build their own gun from the privacy of their garage.

Laser X – Checkout Code TRB10 Saves You 10%

LASR X has a unique take on the dryfire game. They can chain multiple devices together, allowing you to create shoot rooms. No special targets are needed, just use what you have! Make sure use use the checkout code TRB10 to save 10%

Lone Wolf

Founded in 1998, Lone Wolf Distributors has easily established itself as the leading Glock accessory supplier. QC starts with mill run quantities of raw materials. Our in-house engineers utilize CAD design exploiting exacting CNC tolerance control at all manufacturing levels. Our dynamic website displays real time, accurate inventory control allowing the vast majority of orders to process and ship the same day. For these reasons LWD is unquestionably recognized as your best source for reasonably priced, premium replacement parts.

MIRA Safety

MIRA Safety is a manufacturer of respirators, safety equipment, and tactical gear for civil defense, law enforcement, military, and industry. Top selling products include military-grade gas masks, CBRN filters, and hazmat suits.

We are based in the heart of Texas and pride ourselves on creating quality life-saving products for professionals and civilians alike.

My Medic – Checkout Code TRB20 Saves You 20%

My Medic makes the best First Aid Kits on the Planet. Your one stop destination for all of your live saving gear. Everyone needs a MyMedic First Aid Kit. Whether at home, work, driving in your car or enjoying your hobbies, you never know when an accident may occur. From small scratches to having a closed airway, we have you covered. Hand picked and field tested products go into every MyMedic First Aid Kit so you can feel safe doing what you love. – TRB20 saves you 20%


OuterImpact was founded in 2013 with the mission to bring high quality, precision machined products to the market at prices that the average person can afford. We are proud to say our products are Made in the USA. Every product is designed and developed in our warehouse to make sure that when it leaves our shop, it meets the highest quality standards.

We have optics adapters for most major brands on the market including: Glock, Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer, Springfield, Ruger and more. This variety allows you to appeal to a larger swath of your audience. We will send you updated banners and new product information regularly so that you can keep your site fresh and interesting.

Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory is an American firearms manufacturer and retailer based in Columbia, SC. Founded in 2008, Palmetto State Armory offers the best price, value, & selection for Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR), AR Build Kits, Ammunition Magazines, Handguns, Optics, Accessories & other shooting gear. Palmetto State Armory is the only gun manufacturer that builds and assembles (from steel to assembly) 100% of the product in the U.S. and will always continue to offer a Lifetime Warranty for all PSA products.

Primary Arms

Founded in 2007, Primary Arms Optics brings our dealers and customers quality products, fast shipping, competitive pricing, and world class customer service. We hold patents on twelve ACSS® and R-Grid® reticles. We think they are the most advanced reticles in the world. We rigorously develop and test our products, taking pride in their durability and quality, while maintaining a pricing structure that offers accessibility to a wide range of shooting enthusiasts.

Real Avid – Checkout Code RARB24 Saves You 10%

Real Avid is known for thinking outside the box on gunsmithing tools. I started using their tools and am impressed by how well thought out they are and how they make working on guns easier. Check out their tools at and use code RARB24 to save 10% off your purchase!

Shoot Steel was started in 2009 with the original intent of manufacturing high quality target stands for clubs and competitors. In 2010, we introduced our first AR500 steel targets to the market. Using only the highest quality American AR500 steel and cutting the targets with a CNC laser to reduce the performance inhibiting heat affected zone, has been able to produce the highest quality steel targets in the industry at an incredible value to the consumer. We are proud to say that all of our products are made in the USA and sourced locally.

Sportsman’s Guide

Sportsman’s Guide is the Nation’s Largest Outdoor Gear and Clothing Retailer. An internet and catalog company, we’ve been outfitting the nation’s outdoorsmen and women with top quality, name brand gear and clothing since 1970. Customers know they’ll find huge selections at The Guide and bargains every day! We sell only quality items and for a whole lot less than others. We literally search the world to keep brand new items flowing steadily from week to week. We offer the Lowest Prices and Best Quality GUARANTEED on Outdoor Gear, Government Surplus, Camping Gear, Hunting Gear, Shooting Supplies, Ammo, Boating and Marine Products, Work Wear Clothing, Footwear, Automotive, and Much More!

Stag Arms

Stag Arms is a manufacturer of and the industry leader in AR-15 rifles, parts and accessories. We were the first manufacturer to offer a left-handed AR-15, and we pride ourselves in the products we offer.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest customer service, quality and experience available with AR-15 rifles and accessory purchases. We are the only manufacturer to offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty that includes an Unlimited Shot Guarantee.

Strike Industries

Strike Industries has been innovating and tirelessly working to provide the highest quality firearms accessories at the best prices since 2010. Now in 2024, we are preparing to enter the ring with our own line of firearms.


TekMat began on a whim when Dan, inventor of TekMat, was cleaning his AR-15 on his dining room table using his wife’s dish towel as a gun cleaning mat. After many ruined towels, she got fed up and bought him an “official” gun cleaning mat. The gun cleaning mat she purchased was little more than a long piece of felt. It stained easy, it wouldn’t stay in place on the table, and little pieces of fiber kept getting stuck on the greased parts of the gun. This is when Dan decided to make the best gun cleaning mat.


Tipton is a firearm cleaning and maintenance brand that aims to take your shot to the next level. Whether your fully restoring an old firearm or performing routine maintenance, we provide a wide array of high quality, expert designed maintenance solutions. Our vises, cleaning accessories, and solents/oils are engineered for perfection by a team of dedicated engineers that understand the importance of good maintenance on firearm performance. Serious Marksmen and first time firearm owners alike trust Tipton, because we are synonymous with maintenance and performance.

Tyrant Designs

Tyrant DesignCNC has 30 years of machining experience in Defense, Aerospace, and Medical fields. Over the last 3 years we have applied our knowledge and design experience to the weapon industry, creating innovative products such as the skeletonized aluminum AR-15 Grip. Our products have become industry leading and we will continue our rapid growth throughout the near future!


Wheeler makes high quality gunsmithing tools for every type of firearm, including a line of the best AR tools on the market and the widest selection of professional screwdrivers and wrenches available. No matter what the project, Wheeler is engineered to fit the job.

Wiley X

Wiley X – From sunglasses and safety goggles to precision-built prescription lenses, we employ the most advanced technologies and equipment available to provide you with the best-possible results.

We prioritize protection, optical precision, durability, and fit, while surpassing the standards for impact safety and lens clarity. This focus is what allows our products to inspire confidence in everyone who wears them—for whatever their passion may be, and wherever their pursuit may take them.


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