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DIY Tactical Mossberg 500 Build | The Home Rumbler

Are you into tactical shotguns but working with a tight budget? We’ve got the perfect project for you! In this episode of EDG, we take a pile of Mossberg 500 parts and transform them into the ultimate tactical shotgun – The Home Rumbler. Follow along as we upgrade, customize, and bring new life to these […]

1911 Troubleshooting Guide

1911 Troubleshooting Guide Whether you’re new to firearms or an experienced enthusiast, this guide will help you diagnose and fix common issues with your 1911. As will all work on firearms, this 1911 Troubleshooting Guide always prioritizes safety—ensure your firearm is unloaded before performing any maintenance or troubleshooting. If you’re unsure about any procedure, seek […]

Troubleshooting Your Mossberg 500: Common Issues and Solutions

As a DIY gunsmith, understanding how to troubleshoot common issues with the Mossberg 500 is essential. This shotgun is well-regarded for its reliability and versatility, but like any mechanical device, it can experience problems. Let’s explore some typical issues and how to resolve them, ensuring that your Mossberg 500 operates smoothly and efficiently. Failure to […]

Mastering De-Escalation with Stan Campbell

In episode 155 of “For the Love of Guns,” we welcome back Stan Campbell, COO and co-founder of CCW Safe. Stan joins us to dive deep into the crucial topic of de-escalation for firearm carriers. As a retired police lieutenant from Oklahoma City with extensive experience in SWAT and street crimes units, Stan brings invaluable […]

Optics Mounting DIY Guide: A framework of zeroing optics

Optics Mounting DIY Guide: A framework of zeroing optics Introduction Optics significantly improve a firearm’s accuracy for hunting, competitive shooting, or just for fun at the range. Proper installation and zeroing of your scope or red dot sight are critical for optimal performance. This guide will provide you a framework to follow regardless of your […]

Optimizing Long-Range Shooting: Rifles Explained

In Episode 154 of “For the Love of Guns,” we welcome back the “long-range Reaper” to dive deeper into the intricacies of long-range shooting. This episode shifts the focus from ammunition to the critical role of rifles in achieving precise long-range shots. We dissect the technicalities of choosing the right rifle for specific ammunition, discussing […]

TRB Firearms Trivia: Walther P99 Features

Continuing with this week TRB Firearms Trivia on the Walther P99 is the action of the pistol. How well do you know the Walther P99? This trivia question is brought to you by @FirearmsLegal Save some money on your protection by going to https://www.trb.fyi/flp To see more of my content here you YouTube click this […]

Is This Guitar Case The Best Secret Weapon for Your Rifle?

Explore the Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case that redefines stealth transport for your rifles! Dive into our detailed review as we unveil its superior design disguised as a guitar case, perfect for covert operations. We’ll showcase its robust features, water-resistant fabric, and innovative customizable foam setup. Ideal for anyone seeking a […]

Mitchell Defense: Crafting Superior ARs

This episode of “For the Love of Guns” features Nathan Mitchell, the innovative mind behind Mitchell Defense, which focuses on crafting ARs that excel in accuracy, durability, and reliability. Nathan shares his journey from military service to entrepreneurship and explains how his experiences have shaped his approach to AR design. This episode delves into the […]


Our fixing frame damage on a Polymer80 video will show you how to fill in the damage from a Dremel should it slip when cutting off the tabs. If you find our videos helpful please consider supporting us for free by using our affiliate banners and links on www.trb.fyi or by donating by becoming a […]