The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Range Bag: Falco M102 Review

In this video

In this video, we take an in-depth look at the Falco M102 bag, a premium range bag that goes beyond just carrying your firearms. Join me as I explore the versatility and durability of this fine Italian leather bag.

What You’ll See in This Video:

• First Impressions: How the Falco M102 caught my eye at SHOT Show.
• Build Quality: Handmade craftsmanship, combining leather and brass with impeccable stitching.
• Functional Differences: Comparing the M102 against the M101.
• Versatility Test: Using the M102 for various purposes – from office work to outdoor photography, and as luggage.
• Durability: Loading it up heavily and testing its strength.
• Unique Features: Removable side pouches, suede-lined shoulder padding, and cradle-like leather straps for heavy items.
• Anonymity: How this bag provides discretion whether you’re carrying guns or office files.

Special Offer:
Get 10% off your entire order at Falco by visiting www.trb.fy/falco and using the checkout code Banshee. Remember, every item at Falco is handmade to order, so expect a few weeks for delivery.

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Video Index:

00:00 – Introduction
00:12 – First Impressions
00:30 – Build Quality
00:48 – Comparison with M101 and M102
01:15 – Organization Features
01:45 – Comfort and Durability
02:25 – Versatility
03:00 – Unique Features
03:20 – Anonymity and Style
03:45 – Special Offer
04:15 – Conclusion

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