The Journey of DIY Gunsmith Christian Gress

In this episode of “For the Love of Guns,” the I welcome Christian Gress, a YouTuber, blogger, and amateur gunsmith with a passion for firearms, hunting, and the outdoors. Christian shares his journey from serving in the U.S. Navy to becoming a content creator focused on DIY gunsmithing. We discuss the challenges and rewards of […]

SAC Bravo Vise: Mastering Rifle Projects!

Step up your gunsmithing game with the SAC Bravo Barrel Vise! In this video, we dive deep into how this robust tool is perfect for handling various rifle projects, showcasing its utility well beyond just bolt action rifles. While AR barrels might not be its target, the Bravo Vise shines with traditional rifles, demonstrated through […]

Mastering AK Builds: Expert Secrets Revealed!

Dive into the art of DIY gunsmithing as Matt Durden from Recreator Blanks unveils the secrets to mastering AK builds. From choosing the right tools to understanding the intricacies of assembly, this episode is a goldmine for enthusiasts and beginners alike. Whether you’re looking to embark on your first project or aiming to perfect your […]

3D Printing Revolution in Firearms with Flying Rich

Join me for an intriguing exploration into the world of 3D printing revolution in firearms. We’re joined by Flying Rich, a renowned enthusiast and expert in 3D printing technology, who shares his fascinating journey of 3D printing a Steyr AUG. This episode offers a deep dive into the technicalities, challenges, and advancements of 3D printing […]

Fast AR Barrel Switch: Under 1-Minute Guide!

Ever wondered how to swiftly switch your AR barrel in under a minute? Dive into our latest guide and discover the revolutionary Quick Detach Barrel system from Bear City Arms that’s changing the game! Whether you’re gearing up for a hunt, hitting the range, or just craving a new look for your AR-15, this under […]

Unlocking DIY Gunsmithing Freedom With Marine Gun Builder

Join me in an eye-opening conversation with Marine Gun Builder as we dive into the world of DIY Gunsmithing, the art of creating online gunsmithing content, and the challenges faced by firearms enthusiasts in preserving their knowledge online. In this episode, we explore: 🔧 DIY Gunsmithing: Discover the empowering world of DIY Gunsmithing, where enthusiasts […]