P320 Manual Safety Conversion

P320 Manual Safety Conversion to a standard FCU

This P320 Manual Safety Conversion video shows you how I convert the manual safety FCU to a standard FCU. Although there are some slight differences between the standard and the manual safety versions of the P320 FCU, most of the concepts are the same between the two. In this video, I show what parts need to be swapped out to convert the manual safety FCU to a standard FCU

This video features the JSD Supply MUP-1 80% FCU that has been modified by AB Prototype for the Manual Safety. AB Prototype can also modify your existing P320 FCU for the Manual safety if you want. 


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P320 Manual Safety Conversion to a standard FCU:

Removing the trigger and trigger bar – 0:36

Removing the slide stop – 1:46

Removing the manual safety – 2:25

Assembling with new and existing parts – 3:31

Additional content/bloopers – 8:13

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