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HOW TO FIX YOUR CRAPPY AR15 MAGAZINES NOW // More fun for less money

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How to fix your crappy AR15 magazines now // More fun for less money

Got an awesome deal on some AR15 magazines just to find out it wasn’t that great of a deal when you took them to the range? Yea I have been burned by those “milspec” or “cheap” AR15 Magazines too. The fortunate thing is that they are easy to fix. No need to throw that magazine out and purchase a more expensive Magpul Pmag, Lancer Systems or Troy Industries magazine. Unless you want to!

As long as the magazine body is in good shape, you should be able to turn them into some of your best-performing magazines. The following video shows you how I deal with my crappy magazines to keep them running for the long haul. 

Watch CHEAP AR15 MAGAZINE FIX // How I turn my worst 5.56 mags into some of my best magazines

As you can see, there are not many tools you will need for this repair. You will only need a simple punch to open up the floor plate. From there you will need a set of Magpul Followers a puch set and possibly a new magazine spring. For about $7 you have a reliable AR15 magazine that will last a long time.

So don’t let a crappy AR15 magazine keep you from enjoying your range time. Stock some of these parts and do the repair on the fly. 

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