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Delta Kwik Product Review


In this Delta Kwik Product Review video, we walk you through the use and our impressions of this new tool. If you would like to know how I came about my recommendation visit my article named Adventures with the Delta Kwik

The Delta Kwik is a US-made product that allows the rapid removal of the AR15 handguards that uses the typical slip ring (sometimes called delta ring) that is on standard ARs, M15s and M4s.

This product aims at replacing the typical “fork” tool used to remove the handguards. It is not every day that you find a new concept to an old problem. However, this one just may be the answer to manufacturers who have employees that complete the install of the handguards repeatedly. This tool is most likely aimed at the manufacturing market due to its cost, but the speed and ergonomics makes it attractive to the serious AR owner. 

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