Caldwell E-Max Shadows

Caldwell E Max Shadow Review

In this video, I go over the features of the Caldwell E Max Shadow Bluetooth earplugs. I was interested in the E Max Shadow to replace my normal Bluetooth earbuds. The idea of having one set of earbuds for everyday life that can do double duty as electronic earplugs would be nice. The following video will walk you through the features and then show you my range testing.


The E Max Shadow is an interesting take on the Bluetooth earbuds. Having one product that goes from your daily life and crosses over into the range is a pretty nice idea add the fact that you can listen to some music during your range time, it is almost too good to be true. 

My day job can be a noisy environment. There is one big common area that we all sit in and now cube walls or offices. Although this is great for collaboration, it is hard to concentrate when you need to do some head-down work. The E Max Shadow allows me to turn off the ambient noise and work with them as a standard earplug. This allows me to work without the bulk of noise-canceling headphones on my head. This also gives me the ability to maintain a professional appearance in the office.  

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