AR 15 troubleshooting guide

Most semi-automatic rifles operate using the same or in a similar method. However, each manufacturer has their own troubleshooting procedures. However, use this AR 15 troubleshooting guide to help you start working through any issues you may encounter. The AR 10 is extremely similar (the AR 15 is a redesigned AR 10) and this guide should work on your AR 10 as well. 

There are many manufacturers of AR 15s and AR 10s as well as models for those manufacturers. For this AR 15 troubleshooting guide, I have compiled a list of procedures for troubleshooting the most common issues in the following table. This is by no means a complete list of troubleshooting steps but is a good starting point for the most common issues that you may encounter. 

To use the AR 15 troubleshooting guide, find your problem in the first column of the table, then try the causes starting from the top and working down. If you reach the bottom of the problem and your firearm is still not functioning correctly, you should seek the advice of the Manufacturer or an Armorer certified by the manufacturer for that model.