Mantis X10 Rifle
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Using the Mantis X10 Elite to become a better rile shooter

I put the Mantis X10 Elite my AR 15  out to the range to gauge what I need to work on to be a better rifle shooter.  As you know from the Mantis X10 Pistol video, I have been recovering from a few injuries and the Mantis X10 is showing me where I lost my edge in shooting my pistol. But since I was never really a rifle person, I am using the X10 to start working on my rifle skills as well. After all, the X10 is like having a personal shooting coach with me everywhere I go. By using Bluetooth and my iPad or Cell phone, the Mantis X10 shows what I am doing wrong. It also gives me suggestions on how to shoot better. 

You can check out Mantis’ offerings on Amazon or their website. Mantis has several different versions that will match your price point to help you become a better shooter. If you don’t have a pic rail on your gun, don’t worry, you attach a pic rail to your magazine. Check these out! It is amazing what you can do these days with a little imagination!

Mantis X10 Elite – Additional Content

We are currently shooting additional footage of the X10 but we already have the pistol video out. Check back in the future for the Shotgun use with the X10. We are going to see just how much better of a shooter I can become. While we are producing additional content on the X10, check out our other videos!

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