Sig Classic Frame Disassembly Video


Our Sig Classic Frame Disassembly Video will walk you through the stripping the frame down to its individual components.


The Sig Classic Line of pistols includes the following models:


P220, P224, P225, P226, P227, P228, P229, P239, M11, and the P6


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Video Index: 


Identifying Grip Types – 0:42 

Removing Screw in Grip Panels – 1:14 

Removing E2 Grips – 2:15 

Removing the Takedown Lever – 3:40 

Removing the Locking Insert – 4:59 

Removing the Slide Catch Lever – 5:51 

Removing the Hammer Stop and Hammer Reset Spring – 7:00 

Removing the Trigger Bar Spring – 8:41 

Removing the Safety Lever – 9:35 

Removing the Trigger and Trigger Bar – 10:22 

Removing the Sear and Sear Spring – 11:25 

Removing the Ejector – 12:38 

Removing and Disassembly of the Old Style Hammer Strut Assembly – 13:25 

Removing the New Style of Hammer Strut Assembly – 17:04 

Removing the Hammer – 17:36 

Removing the Decocking Lever – 18:16 

Removing the Magazine Catch – 19:21