P320 45 ACP

P320 45 ACP – The Best 45 Ever?

P320 45 ACP – The Best 45 Ever?


The P320 is typically seen as either a 9mm or 40 S&W pistol but some people don’t know that it comes in 45 ACP. Others have questions about how the 45 ACP compares to the 9mm. In this video, I give you the P320 45 ACP overview and compare it to the 9mm.

In this P320 45 ACP – The Best 45 Ever video walks you through the difference between a P320 in 45 ACP versus a P320 in 9mm or 40 S&W. Even Though there are distinct differences between these FCUs, there are now many differences.

The P320 45 ACP is a double stack pistol that gives you nine rounds in the compact version. Double stack 45’s tend to be bulky in your hands and feel like you are holding a 4×4. Sig did a good job with the grip module to give a double stack 45 ergonomics without compromising ergonomics.

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