Mia Anstine: Pioneering Outdoor Mentorship

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Join us in episode 152 as we explore the great outdoors through the eyes of Mia Anstine, a mentor and advocate passionate about hunting, fishing, and conservation. Mia discusses her approach to mentorship, her drive to educate on ethical hunting, and her efforts to bring diverse groups into outdoor activities. Her story is one of empowerment, teaching not just the skills needed to enjoy nature but also the responsibility that comes with it. This episode is an inspiring call for experienced enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike to foster a deeper connection with the natural world.

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Topics Discussed
The nuances of mentorship in outdoor activities.
Advocating for responsible hunting and the Second Amendment.
Teaching the art of ethical hunting and the conservation of wildlife.

Encouraging women and younger generations to participate in outdoor sports.

📚 Links and Resources Mentioned:

Mia Anstines Website – https://miaanstine.com/

Mia Anstine on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/miaanstine/

Mia’s MAC Outdoor Podcast – https://miaanstine.com/category/podcast/

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Notable Quote:

“Like anti-gun people anti hunters, they get us focused on one issue while in the background. They’re working on something totally different that you’re not even looking at and then they drop the hand grenade on you.” – Mia Anstine 


Mentorship, Outdoors, Hunting, Conservation, Second Amendment, Ethical Hunting, Outdoor Advocacy

Episode Outline with YouTube Chapter Marks:
00:00:00 Introduction to Mia Anstine
00:00:29 Sponsors: Falco Holsters and Ammo Squared
00:13:48 Archery vs. Firearms in Hunting Ethics
00:34:23 Training and the Importance of Proper Technique
00:37:03 Navigating New Laws and Advocacy
00:38:58 The Impact of Legislation on Hunters and Gun Owners
00:48:09 Training for Safety and the Value of Multiple Perspectives
00:55:25 Conservation and the Confusion with Preservation
00:58:02 Challenges and Limitations of Social Media for Advocates
01:00:35 Speed Round and Outro

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