Fixing a Polymer80 Frame - Incorrectly drilled holes post picture

Fixing a Polymer80 Frame – Incorrectly drilled holes

Fixing a Polymer80 – Incorrectly drilled holes 



Our Fixing a Polymer80 video series will walk you through fixing common mistakes when completing the Polymer80 frame. In this video, we walk you through fixing incorrectly drilled holes on a Polymer80 frame.

A Glock type frame is arguably the easiest 80 percent build to complete. Even though it is the easiest to complete, mistakes do happen. But don’t worry, these frames are also one of the easiest to fix. Using some common household items that you can get at your local hardware store, you can fix the mistakes you made when completing your build. 

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If you want to learn more about the tools used in the PF940SC Videos visit If you need more information about troubleshooting visit our Glock Troubleshooting Guide at


While you are enjoying this video, make sure you watch our fixing Polymer80 frame damage video. This video will walk you through fixing frame damage that may happen when finishing the frame. 

Fixing a Polymer80 – Video Index:


Background – 0:16

Filling in the oops – 0:57

Using a Dremel to clean up the frame – 2:31

Using a hobby knife to clean up the frame – 4:03

Final sanding of the frame – 5:51

Trim the inside – 7:16

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