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I have completed a few builds with the JSD MUP-1 Fire Control Unit (FCU). The quality of the FCU is second to none. They use quality steel and it holds up to the abuse. Other than the MUP-1, I have purchased 80% AR15 and 80% AR10 lowers and the 5D Tactical Jig to complete them from JSD Supply. 

If you read our Tools Used articles, you will see that the majority of tools we use come from Brownells including those in the 80% Sig P320 builds featuring the MUP-1

JSD Supply is one of the best sources of 80% products. Reguardless if you are looking to build a 1911, AR-15, AR-10, Sig P320, Glock they have just about everything. Also if you are looking to finish out your 3D Printed gun they have just about everything you would need. Simply choose your product, your internal components and the jig to complete the frame and supply some common household tools you are ready to build.

I have had the chance to talk to Jordan (the owner and founder) and he is a really easy going person that believes in customer service. When I first built my MUP-1 the company was small. I had a problem with the jig I purchased and I sent an email in on. I got a prompt response directly from Jordan. Eventhough the company is much larger today, Jordan is still intimately involved in it’s operations. It is a great company with some awesome products. When you are ready to build, make sure you click the JSD Banner above to let them know you learned about them from The Rogue Banshee. 

Check out the content that I have created below to know more about the products that came from them. 


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