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Fixing Polymer80 Frame Damage

Fixing Polymer80 Frame Damage 

Our Fixing frame damage on a Polymer80 video will show you how to fill in the damage from a Dremel should it slip when cutting off the tabs.

When using a Dremel, it is not hard to slip and damage the frame. In this video, we purposely dug into the frame with a Dremel so that we cause excessive damage. We then walk you through fixing the damage and returning the firearm to near perfect condition. This type of repair is best done if you are going to refinish the frame. 

Repairing damage to a Polymer80 frame is not a difficult task. However, it does take some patience and time. Make sure you check out our video about fixing holes that were incorrectly drilled in the Polymer80 frame. It is uncommon for someone to have to complete either of these repairs as they are not common mistakes made during the completion process. 


Polymer80 Frame Damage – Learn more

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We also have videos on completing the frame using a drill press or a Dremel. Make sure you check them out as well. They will walk you through the completion process of the Polymer80 frame. 


Polymer80 Frame Damage – Video Index

Background – 0:16

Filling in the oops – 0:57

Finishing the frame – 1:38

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