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3D Print

Live 3D Printing

Live 3D printing   We are now airing our 3D printing activities live and you never know what we may be doing. If we are printing, we are streaming and if there is no stream is available, our printer is idle.  Watching our live stream may give you insights as to what an upcoming video […]

3D Print, 3D Printed Dillon Parts

3D Print Dillon Primer Tube Holders

3D Print Dillon Primer Tube Holders     In this video we 3D print Dillon primer tube holders to help keep my reloading bench organized. During a reloading session, I can load several hundred to a thousand rounds. For this fact, I run a progressive reloader like my Dillon 650. Since I am a fairly […]


Gunsmith Punches

Gunsmith Punches When watching our videos, you will see us use various tools. One of the most common is the punch. But did you ever wonder why we sometimes use two different punches to remove or install a pin? How about why we choose a particular punch to do the job? In this article, we […]

DIY and How-To, Sights, Slide

Sig P365 sight adjustment – Get on target

Sig P365 sight adjustment I have seen my share of P365s that needed sight adjustments. A buddy of mine bought the sight shoe for my sight pusher so I could push his into place. The pistol shot perfectly straight but both the front and rear sights were not installed directly down the center of the […]

Tools Used

5D Tactical – Tools used in our video

5D Tactical – Tools used in our video   There are several tools we used in the 5D Tactical video. Below is the list of tools and the links to purchase them. Make sure you visit our video 5D Tactical – Using the Router Jig Pro to see these tools in use.  When purchasing tools, […]

DIY and How-To

Old Style Sig Hammer Strut Assembly Disassembly

Old Style Sig Hammer Strut Assembly Disassembly While filming the Sig Classic Disassembly video, I show you the method I use for disassembling the old style of Hammer Strut Assembly. This can be found on the older Sig P226, P229, P220 and other Sig Classic Pistols. The Sig Armors manuals does not go into detail […]

Honor and remembrance

Raise your 1911 for 9/11

Raise your 1911 for 9/11 On this day, America remembers the events of September 11th, 2001 or commonly known as 9/11. Today, we typically remember the two world trade center towers falling after being struck by American Airlines flight 11 and United Airlines flight 175. We also remember a side of the Pentagon hit by […]

80 Percent, 80 Percent 1911

80% 1911 for under $400 build adventure

80% 1911 for under $400 build adventure I was so excited to start this project in the beginning, but it quickly became my most dreaded project to date. I have built an 80% 1911 before and quite frankly I didn’t see why people said that 1911 builds are so hard to do. Sure 1911’s are […]