Beretta BDU Field Pants

The Beretta BDU Field Pants // Practical Tactical Wear?

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The Beretta BDU Field Pants // Practical Tactical Wear?

Beretta BDU Field Pants maybe the farthest thing the average shooter my want but don’t discount them. I know that some people dont want to look like a SWAT team member but with the pockets available in these pants, using them for work cannot be discounted.

With my bad knees, I wear a pretty eloberate knee brace. This knee brace is hard to fit under normal pants or jeans. But I found that these pants have pleanty of room for the brace to move without binding in these pants. In fact, the pants move so well, they are definately in my clothing linup for days at the range that I need pants.

Watch The Beretta BDU Field Pants // More than just Tactical Pants!

I like how comfortable the Beretta BDU Field Pants are. They move with my body and have a gusseted crotch allows the legs to move without binding and the articulated knees allow for freedom of movement. 

The pockets are large and I love that there is velcro instead of a button to “button” the waist. Add the strech on either side of the pants, you can really get a good fit. The pants also feature a ripstop design and includes the blousing band in the cuff so that you can sinch up to keep snow or dirt out of your boots. 

The one thing that I do wish is that they had a relaxed fit version of the pants. A relaxed fit would give a little more “room” for those of us that are larger. 

Check out the Beretta BDU Field Pants today from my friends at Beretta! They just might fit your active lifestile, be it either work or play. 

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