Sig Classic Pistol Recoil Spring Color Guide

About the Sig Classic Recoil Spring

When working on Sig Classic Pistols it is important to have the appropriate recoil spring. This table will guide you to the correct spring for the pistol that you are working on. 

Sig Classic Recoil Spring

Red Sig Classic Recoil Spring for the P220

Most of the Recoil Springs for this line of pistol are color coated so that they can be identified. However, what happens when you need to replace them and the color has worn off over the years? The Sig Classic Pistol Recoil Spring Color Table below will help you find the correct replacement for your pistol. 

Replacement schedule of your Sig Classic Recoil Spring

Sig Sauer recommends that the Recoil Spring should be replaced after 5,000 rounds (see our Sig Classic Pistol Preventative Maintenance Guide) and a symptom of a weak or broken spring could be when your slide does not close completely. But before replacing the spring check out our Sig Classic Pistol Trouble Shooting Guide. 


Sig Classic Recoil Spring Color Table

Sig Classic Recoil Spring Color Guide

Pistol ModelCaliberSpring Type and Color CodePart Number
P22045 ACPGreen Coil SpringRSS-220-2264
P220 EU45 ACPPlain Single Strand Coil Spring467390B
P220 Carry or Compact45 ACPRed Recoil SpringRSS-220CR3
P2259 mmPlain Coil SpringRSS-228
P2269 mmOrange Coil SpringRSS-2269
P22640 S&WGreen Coil SpringRSS-220-2264
P226357 SigGreen Coil SpringRSS-220-2264
P2289 mmPlain Coil SpringRSS-228
P2299 mmWhite Coil SpringRSS-2299
P22940 S&WBlue Coil SpringRSS-2294
P229357 SigBlue Coil SpringRSS-2294
P2399 mmSilver Flat SpringRSS-2399
P23940 S&WBlue Flat SpringRSS-2394
P239357 SigBlue Flat SpringRSS-2394