Outerimpact MRA // A Red Dot Shooters Best Friend


Outerimpact MRA // A Red Dot Shooters Best Friend

I know that shooting red dots comes at a cost. Not just the red dot itself but at the cost of what red dot can you put on your pistol? Well the Outerimpact MRA just may have solved a problem that most shooters thinking about getting into the red dot game may not have discovered yet.


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Watch Attach just about any red dot on your slide with the Outerimpact MRA red dot adapter

I like my Sigs but let’s face it… the only red dots that you can mount on them are, well Sigs. Not that their red dots are bad, but quite frankly I want to run what I want to run and sometimes I don’t want their Romeo red dots.

That is where the Outerimpact MRA comes in. When I was testing the Crimson Trace CTS-1250 I needed a way to attach it to my P320 and P365. I bought 2 Outerimpact MRAs and never looked back.

It is rare that I give a product rating these day but I would give the Outerimpact MRA 4.5 Banshiees! It is a great product and fits my Sig P320 and P365 slides perfectly. 

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