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I am lucky enough to live a fairly free life with my wife and dogs in Montana. The laws in Montana are very friendly for gun owners and we are fortunate to live here.

The Rogue Banshee was formed to generate content for the average everyday gun owner. The content that I create is not “flashy” or “tactical”. I like to break a subject, concept or product down to its essentials and present it in a manner that the average person can understand.

I have been criticized for being not “2A enough” because I do not engage in politics in my content. My content is designed to be non-political and is aimed at expanding gun ownership regardless of your political leanings. If you own a gun, great! I want you to know everything about that gun. If you don’t own a gun, that’s cool too. I want you to realize that there is a community here that will support you on your journey to gun ownership.

Although I have been shooting for over 40 years, I may be a professional with firearms but I am not an expert. My journey is just that, a journey and I believe that it will only end the day that I pass away. Until then, I am simply a student and will learn from other experts, businesses, organizations and trainers to expand my knowledge to bring you the best in tests, research and reviews. 

Welcome to the family and I hope you enjoy your journey in the firearms community. 


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