Tools used in the 1911 Series 70 Videos

There are several tools used in the 1911 Series 70 videos and I figured that I would share what was used for each step in this post. There are affiliate links in this posting to get you to the exact product that I own and used in the video series. Not all links are affiliate links. 

When purchasing tools I try to buy them from Brownells since they have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I have roll pin punches that have been replaced with no hassle because I broke one. Yes, I do have a couple of Harbor Freight tools that I used in this video. They serve their purpose. 

Tools used in the 1911 Series 70 Videos:

Field Strip:

Tactical Paperclip

Slide Disassembly and Reassembly:

1911 Extractor Removal Tool – to remove and install the Firing Pin Retainer as well as remove the extractor 

Frame Disassembly:

Grip Removal

3/32″ Allen Wrench – To Remove Grip Screws

Removing the Safety and Slide Stop Plungers and Plunger Spring

1/16″ Punch – To push out the plungers and spring

Removing the Mainspring Housing

3/32″ Punch – Removing the Mainspring Housing Pin

20g calibration weight – I have several from reloading scales I use (don’t trust them after using them this way) – Compress the Mainspring

1/16″ Punch – Removing the Mainspring Cap Pin

Removing the Hammer, Sear and Disconnector

1/16″ Punch – Removing Hammer and Sear Pin

Removing The Magazine Catch and Trigger

Brownells Magna Tip Magnetic Law Enforcement Handle with the 150-4 tip – For turning the Magazine Catch Lock

Frame Reassembly:

Still in Production