Cerakote Mix Calculators

To use our Cerakote Mix Calculators, you will look at the table with the Cerakote colors on it (next to each Mix Calculator) for the color of Cerakote that you are going to use, find the weight in g/ml and plug that into the calculator next to the Paint Weight in g/ml.

For instance, you are using Graphite Black, find Graphite Black on the table and go across to the weight in g/ml column. You will see that Graphite Black has a weight of 1.41 g/ml. Now type 1.41 into the calculator to the right of the “Paint Weight in g/ml” and your mixture will be calculated for you in grams for both Cerakote and Catalyst.

Now mix the amount of Cerakoke in the calculator with the amount of Catalyst next to it.

Cerakote Single Color Mix Calculator

Cerakote Two Color Mix Calculator for uneven parts of Cerakote (25%/75% mix)

Cerakote Two Color Mix Calculator for even parts of Cerakote (50%/50% mix)

Cerakote Three Color Mix Calculator for even parts of Cerakote (33.3%/33.3%/33.3% mix)

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