Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit

Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit Review // Is This The Best Gun Cleaning Kit You Can Own? Find Out Now!

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Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit

Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit Review

Let’s face it, as gun owners, we need to clean and maintain our firearms. I don’t like it any better than the next person. Sure the smell of Hoppe’s number 9 brings back memories of my childhood shooting adventures. But let’s face it, cleaning is still a choir.

Tipton sent me their Ultra Cleaning Kit to review. Let’s see if this kit can make that cleaning less of a choir. 

How The Rogue Banshee Rates the Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit

The Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit scored a 4 out of 5 Banshees on our scorecard making this a solid product and worthy of a purchase.

You can purchase the Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit at the following places:

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What I like about the Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit

  • The case carries everything in the kit securely
  • Stainless steel rod
  • RAPID System
  • Nickel coated jags

How the Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit could be improved

  • Include an AR cleaning link
  • Include an AR10 Bushing for the RAPID
  • Include a cleaning rod for smaller calibers
  • Include the Patch Trap with the kit
  • Add cleaning supplies (cleaner, lube and patches)
  • Lack of pellet jag

What I think about the Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit

Tipton essentially took their popular items and put them together into a kit. All of these items can be purchased individually, but having them in a convenient package is nice. That being said, calling this an “Ultra” kit is a little misleading.

The stuff the Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit does right

Tiption did a good job on the case. If you read my other reviews, I give high marks to companies that include an actual hinge instead of a blow mold hinge. Good job on this one!

The Stainless steel rod is simply amazing. Trust me when I say that I am tough on gear. Cleaning rods typically don’t stick around for me since I have a habit of bending them. This stainless steel rod is solid and heavy and I don’t see it being replaced anytime in the near future. 

To be honest, I thought that the RAPID system was a gimmick when I first learned of it. I really did think that marks were going to be taken off for this product because of it. Although it could be improved upon (Lack of AR10 Support) I just cannot imagine cleaning a rifle without it now.

Nickel-coated jags are something that I haven’t played with before. I understood that some solvents can tarnish a brass jag and give you some false marks on the patch. Nickel-coated jags fix that problem and I am a big fan of them now. I get clean patches through my barrels now after cleaning and not the green tarnish look on them. 

With all good things, there are some negatives. Let’s take a look at them now. 

The things that could make the Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit truly “ultra”

The biggest downfall of the kit is in the AR-pattern rifles. The assumption that all AR shooters shoot an AR15 should be addressed. Sure most of us shoot off the AR15 pattern, but some of us also have the larger AR10. The bushing for the RAPID is not large enough to secure it into an AR10. I designed a sleeve for people to print out on a 3D printer so that you can use the bushing on the AR10. It would be nice if Tipton were to include an AR10 bushing or offer a sleeve like the one I designed. Also, adding a cleaning link for an AR would be nice. Although I printed one of those to put into my kit. You can download my bushing by clicking the following link. 

DOWNLOAD: Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit AR10 Bushing 

Although it would make the case larger, It would be nice if they included their patch trap as well as their cleaning consumables (cleaner, lube and patches/pellets). I think that Tipton is missing a marketing opportunity but not including some consumables. Although I use patches, it would be nice to have a pellet jag and some pellets to play with. You never know, you might make me a convert and hook me into future purchases.

There should be two cleaning rods included in the kit. Sure you have .20 and .17 jags and brushes, but you can’t use them with a standard cleaning rod. Although most of us don’t shoot these calibers, the Inclusion of an additional rod for these should be considered.

Final thoughts 

I really like this cleaning kit. You get jags, brushes, rods, pipettes, plastics picks and the RAPID. A little thought should be put into the kit to truly call it “ultra”. Although I wouldn’t call it ultra, I would call it “awesome”.

Honestly, if it had everything that it would need for me to call it ultra, the kit would need wheels. Seriously, the inclusion of small caliber, shotgun, patch trap and consumables would significantly increase the kit size to almost obnoxious size and a price tag to match. However, the Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit has just about everything that you would need. I like this kit and have retired other cleaning products to make way for this one.

Sure this kit has some downfalls, but seriously, it strikes a good balance between what most firearm owners need. 

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