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Winchester 94 disassembly – Maintain an iconic rifle


Our Winchester 94 disassembly video will show you how to disassemble the “New Model” of the Winchester model 94 down to its individual components. We do not remove the barrel in our video as that is a function of a qualified gunsmith. 

This video features a Winchester 94 in 30-30. However, this process will also work for the calibers as well. Even though, this video features the “New Model”, the concepts can translate over to a pre-64 or post new model rifle. Things may just look different. Or instance, the link screw on this rifle will be a pin held in with a screw on the bottom of the link on a pre-64 rifle. 

There are a lot of screws in this rifle, we recommend a quality gunsmithing screwdriver set. Visit our article titled Gunsmith screwdriver vs regular screwdriver – there is a difference to learn more about gunsmithing screwdrivers. 

Winchester 94 disassembly – Learn more 

If you interested in learning more about the Winchester 94 rifle, visit our Winchester 94 reassembly video.

While you are at our site, why not learn more about the tools that we used on the Winchester 94 videos visit our article titled Winchester 94 – Tools used in our Videos and visit our troubleshooting guides at while you are on our site.



Video Index:

Removing the stock – 0:47

Lower tang removal – 1:19

Lower tang disassembly – 2:21

Lever and breechbolt removal – 4:44

Lever disassembly – 6:15

Locking block disassembly – 7:33

Breechbolt disassembly – 8:06

Carrier and spring cover removal – 10:00

Cartridge guide and carrier spring removal – 10:50

Magazine tube removal – 12:12

Installing the magazine tube – 18:55


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