4 Pistol Case from Cedar Mill Fine Firearms
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Waterproof 4 pistol case by Cedar Mill Fine Firearms.


The waterproof pistol case by Cedar Mill Fine Firearms is a US-made product that protects guns, gear and electronics from shock and water. Our test unit for this video holds 4 pistols. 


See what happens when we load this case up with four Sigs and throw it in a lake as well as drop it from eight feet. 

Waterproof pistol case configuration

In this video, we explore different layouts of the foam to accommodate your pistols. The pick n pluck foam gives you plenty of options while providing protection for the cargo that the case contains. Most people see this as strictly a pistol case. However, it can be used for various other items including cameras and electronics. 

Waterproof pistol case recommendation

If you would like to know how I came about my recommendation visit my article named Adventures with the four pistol case from Cedar Mill Fine Firearms located at https://trb.fyi/adventures-with-the-four-pistol-case-from-cedar-mill-fine-firearms.


I did not come about my recommendation lightly. I tested this case for about a month and with over $2000 worth of my personal pistols (including my competition pistol). Water and drop testing can be a sobering time with this much money on the line. It is not a normal action to take a case and throw it into a lake and let it sit there for a while to see if you are going to have to retrieve four water-soaked guns. Dropping a case from eight feet high onto concrete starts to make you think about your actions. Just because you can do something, should you really do it? 

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