RCBS Collet Bullet Puller

TRB Shorts – RCBS Collet Bullet Puller

TRB Shorts – RCBS Collet Bullet Puller

TRB Shorts is a series that we bring you an overview of a product in under 5 minutes. In this episode, RCBS Collet Bullet Puller, I talk about a recent experience that I had with having to pull 500 bullets from reloads. I received a bad batch of bullets that was causing all kinds of problems in my wife’s gun. 

Unfortunately, I had to pull all of these bullets and put new ones on the shells. But pulling 500 bullets with a standard inertia puller was just not going to work. 

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As you can see with these collet pullers, you can pull bullets pretty fast which is nice when you have a bunch to pull. I’ve seen these used on single stage presses and am glad it fit into my Dillon 650. It does get a little tricky with the powder system to get the handle in the right place. But I can confirm that the RCBS Collet Bullet Puller does work on a progressive.

These dies use standard threads so they will fit in all modern presses. If you do decide to purchase one of these, remember there is the die and the collet. Collets come in different sizes depending on the calibers of the bullets you are pulling.

Make sure you purchase both the die and the collets that you need. I have seen a lot of negative comments because people did not understand that there are two parts. 

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