PPU 7.62x39

TRB Shorts – PPU 7.62×39 ammo testing

TRB Shorts – PPU 7.62×39 ammo testing

TRB Shorts is a series that we bring you an overview of a product in under 5 minutes. In this episode, PPU 7.62×39 ammo testing, I take my Pro Chrono and the PSAK GF3 out to the range and test out the PPU 7.62×39 ammo.

This was a triple purpose visit to the range. I was revisiting the PSAK GF3, testing the Caldwell Shadows and testing the PPU 7.62×39 ammunition all in one visit. It is rare that I get a chance to test multiple products at once, but I fully took advantage of the situation.

Watch TRB Shorts – PPU 7.62×39 ammo testing below



When shooting AK’s, I usually shoot steel cased ammo because reloading 7.62×39 is not economical. However, given the current political environment mixed with COVID-19 panic buying, I decided to change over to reloadable brass. This ammo was in stock so I decided to bring a bunch of it in and test. During my range session, I tested the ammo (and rifle) for accuracy. After I got the combination dialed in on my sights I went to town with testing. 

I decided to revisit the PSAK GF3 because it had been over a year that I owned the rifle and filmed the PSA GF3 Review and First Shots. I can tell you that I am really loving this rifle, and adding some quality ammo to the mix was high on my priority list. But the question remained was what ammo would fill the role. I have seen PPU ammo on the shelf at the store as well as picking up the brass at the range. So I figured that this was the time to make the jump and learn if this was my new AK ammo. Did it hold up to my expectations? Watch the above video and see.