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Tools used in the 80% Arms Easy Jig video


Using the 80% Arms easy jig is not tricky. However, there are several tools and consumables that we used in our 80% Arms Easy Jig Video. In this article, we give you a list of the tools and consumables (cutting fluid). 

In our video, we showed you step by step how to complete an 80% AR lower using the the Easy Jig Gen 2. However, there are some tools that you will need beyond the jig that you will need to purchase separately.  We used a drill press in our video, but you can use a corded drill. If you are not using a drill press, we highly recommend that you purchase the drill stabilizers for the side plates. 

Tools used:

80% Arms Jig

80% Arms Gen2 Tool Kit – Kit does not come with the mill or drill bits

5 in. Rugged Cast Iron Drill Press Milling Vise – To hold the Frame

Drill Press – Drill the Holes

Rigid 24012 Router – To mill out the lower

Brownells Magna Tip Magnetic Law Enforcement Handle with a #2 Philips Tip– Work with screws on the router attachment

Oatey 3024 Dark Cutting Oil – To cool and lubricate the mill and drill bits


We wrote an article titled Adventures with the 80% Arms AR 15 Jig if you are interested in this product. In this article, we talk about our impressions of the product, as well as, some of the problems and issues that we ran into. 


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