tools used in the 80% AR 15 Magazine video post image

Tools used in the 80% AR 15 Magazine Video

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Tools used in the 80% AR 15 Magazine Video

The 80% AR 15 Magazine Video was our April Fools Day video for 2019. In this post, we will show you what tools we used in our this video.

There are affiliate links in this post to get you to either the exact product (or similar product if what I own has been discontinued) that I own and used in the video series. However, not all links are affiliate links.


80% AR 15 Magazine video tools:

A piece of engineered hardwood floor – make the jig

A piece of rain gutter – used to make the fake jig look metal

Sharpie – to trace the magazine onto the “jig”

Aviation Snips – to cut the gutter

Self Tapping Screws – to attach the metal to the jig

Ryobi 18v Drill – Attach metal and to drill holes to cut out the jig

Ryobi 18v reciprocating saw– cut the jig

5 in. Rugged Cast Iron Drill Press Milling Vise – To hold the Frame

Rigid 24012 Router

80% Arms Jig

80% Arms Gen2 Tool Kit

Black Candles – to fill in the Magazine

Electrical Tape and Popsicle sticks – to dam up the magazine to pour in the wax

Hobby knife – to trim the popsicle sticks

Heat gun – to melt the wax from the candles

Crazy glue – Glue mag together

Paint Marker – for marking spring

Benchtop Bandsaw – to cut the magazine in half

Magpul Pmag – to show that it “works”

MFT Magazine – to cut and glue

Micro Clamps (dollar store purchase) – Hold mag together when gluing


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