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The TRB Life 9-8-20 – Holiday range time and 3D Print failures

The TRB Life is a view into my life as a content creator in 1 minute or less videos. In this episode, Holiday range time and 3D Print failures,  I talk about 3D prints I was doing for the revisit of the Polymer 80 PF320PTEX. This will be a video that will be released in the future. One of the problems with the newer grip modules is that if you have the older magazine base blates, they don’t fit. I figured that I would be smart and print some new ones up but it just didn’t work out. I had to revert to the 21 round magazines for my P320 X5 to get through the video session. 

Although I didn’t have the greatest filming session, I did get to enjoy my time at the range for Labor Day. After all, a bad day at the range is better than the best day at the office. 

Watch The TRB Life 9-3-20 – Holiday range time and 3D Print failures.

I decided to revisit both the Polymer 80 PF320PTEX and the Wilson Combat WCP320 grip modules. The first video, PF320PTEX vs WCP320 – Which grip module outperforms,  was a head to head battle with a clear winner. However, each module has its advantages, and I thought it would be fair to highlight them individually. To do this, I needed to change out my magazine base plates because I wanted to shoot .40 S&W since I don’t shoot that caliber as often. I also wanted to shoot this caliber because it really tests your grip on a gun. 40 S&W has a snappy recoil and if your grip is not solid you can drop the gun. When the revisit video comes out, make sure you watch to the end to see the bloopers of the 3D print failure. As I am shooting you can see the surprise on my face.