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The TRB Life 9-10-20 – Quick studio tour


The TRB Life is a view into my life as a content creator in 1 minute or less videos. In this episode, Quick studio tour, I take out the new gimbal that I received and record. I have been rearranging the studio to give me some more room to film inside for dryfire drills for the Mantis X10 videos.  

The Mantis app has several drills that you can run to improve your shooting. Eventually, I will get through my favorite ones and show you how they work on future videos. 

Watch The TRB Life 9-10-20 – Quick studio tour.


It has taken me some time to build up the studio. Most of the tools I have are from when I was an FFL. I like to use Brownells to purchase the majority of my gunsmithing tools. I like them because they have an amazing warranty. In the past, I have broken roll pin punches and they replaced them fee of charge (including shipping). Now how can you not love that deal!
Here is a list of my current setup. I have some new gear that I am still testing with that will eventually make it into the line up like the gimbal that I used in this video
Video editing software –
Picture editing software –
Video Camera – (yes this what I really use for my studio filming)
Still Camera – (also does my outdoor filming)
Camera external mic –
Voice Over Mic –
White Balance Card –
Studio Lighting –
Green Screen –
New microphone I am testing with –
Camera/Voice Over Mic stand –
Camera Adapter –
Cellphone holder – 
I release new videos on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month while The TRB Life releases every Tuesday and Thursday. Check back often to see what new things I am up to.