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The TRB Life 10-1-20 – Winter is coming

The TRB Life is a view into my life as a content creator in 1 minute or less videos. In this episode, Winter is coming, I reveal that I have already begun to film winter content.

With temperatures dropping on the weekend, we have not been able to get to the range in a few weeks. It is so odd to say that we have started filming winter content because the temperature yesterday was almost 80 degrees. However, the weekends have been hitting in the 50’s with high wind leaving range conditions pretty crappy.

Also, with The Rogue Banshee coming up on 3 years old, I am going to make some changes. Stay tuned to these shows to hear what I have brewing. 

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Also, on Thursday nights, you can usually catch me on CloverTac’s Studio podcast. This is a podcast that guntubers get together and talk about being a content creator. You never know what is going to be talked about until shortly before the show. And sometimes, things come up during the show and we go down that road as well. 

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I hope everyone is staying safe out there and remember to protect you and your loved ones.