The Matador Arms Montgo-9: Some of the best fun you will have with an AR

The Matador Arms Montgo-9: Some of the best fun you will have with an AR

9mm ARs are not new to the industry, but they have a problem of still relying on the buffer and buffer tube. The Matador Arms Montgo-9 is different. Sure you can use the buffer tube as a stock or pistol brace holder, or, you can do what I did and 3D print a plug.

The Matador Arms Montgo-9 has an internal spring system that rides along the top of the bolt carrier. This allows it to eliminate the buffer completely giving you a true AR Pistol. 

Watch The Matador Arms Montgo 9 – One of the Most Fun 9mm Guns Around!

Shooting the Matador Arms Montgo-9 was a lot of fun. Although it is a little on the heavy side, that actually works in the shooter’s favor. Being on the heavy side, it absorbs a little recoil which is important since you don’t have a stock unless you register it as an SBR. 

It does have a threaded barrel so you can attach muzzle brakes, flash hiders or even a suppressor. This gives you lots of configuration options. Plus you get a pic rail on the top and bottom, not to mention what looks like an M-LOK on the left and right side. Oh, the possibilities of configurations!

As much as this is such a great 9mm upper, it does have a drawback. The spring is really, really, REALLY tight! you need to put some muscle into the Matador Arms Montgo-9 to charge it. But the ability to not have a buffer tube probably offsets that. 

I fed this upper a bunch of different ammo and it just ate it up. No jams, no failure to feed, no failure to fire, no failure to eject, it just ran. I got to handle with the next generation of the Montgo-9 at SHOT 2023 and man… I can’t wait to see what comes next

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