Sig Classic P229

Sig Classic Pistol Preventative Maintenance Guide

Function Checks
Preventative maintenance is important for any mechanical device including Firearms. The following is some guidance for maintaining a Sig Sauer Classic pistol. 
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Sig Classic Recoil Spring Color Guide

DIY and How-To, Troubleshooting
Most Sig Classic Recoil Springs are color coated so that they can be identified. However, what happens when you need to replace them and the color has worn off over the years? This Sig Classic Pistol Recoil Spring Color Guide will help you find the correct replacement. 
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Sig Classic Pistol Troubleshooting Guide

DIY and How-To, Troubleshooting
I have compiled a list of the Sig Sauer recommended procedures for the Classic Pistols in the following table. This is by no means a complete list of troubleshooting steps but is a good starting point for the most common issues that you may encounter. 
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Sig Classic Slide Disassembly and Reassembly

DIY and How-To, Slide
The next video we produced in the Sig Classic Series is the Sig Classic Slide Disassembly and Reassembly Video. This video goes through the disassembly of the carbon steel as well as the stainless steel slides and is a follow on from the disassembly and reassembly videos on t

Tools used in the Sig Classic Series Videos

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In the Sig Classic Series of videos I used several tools and I figured that I would share what I used for each step in this post. There are no sponsors or product placement in this posting and the brand names listed here is simply to help you locate a specialty product. 
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Sig Classic Trigger Bar Springs

Grips, Troubleshooting, What If
In Filming the Sig Classic Series we point out the difference between the old and new style of trigger bar springs and that they install exactly the same. However, the question can the old and new style of Sig Classic Trigger Bar Springs be used interchangeably still remains. Since time is limited in our videos we figured that we would answer that question here.