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Sig P320 Field Strip

P320 Field Strip Video

P320 Field Strip


Our P320 Field Strip Video will show you how to field strip the Sig P320 for cleaning and routine maintenance. 

This video features P320 configured to be a compact 40 S&W. However, this process will also work for the calibers and configurations of the P320.

P320 Field Strip – Learn More 

If you interested in learning more about the P320 pistol, visit our Slide Disassembly, Slide Reassembly, FCU Disassembly/reassembly, as well as our Fire Control Unit Removal and Grip Module videos.

While you are at our site, why not learn more about the tools that we used on the Sig P320 videos visit https://trb.fyi/tools-used-in-the-p320-disassembly-and-reassembly-videos and visit our troubleshooting guides at https://trb.fyi/troubleshooting/ while you are at our page.

Learn about building an 80% P320

We have the most complete coverage of the P320 80% build process on the Internet. Make sure you visit our P320 80% Frame Completion and P320 80% Range Testing videos. Also, visit our Sig P320 80% Frame Rail Calculator to help you trim the frame rails and our P320 80% Build Adventure article to read about the problems that we ran into during this build. 

Our videos and articles will help you complete this build and show you some of the areas that can be problematic. The P320 80% build is not hard to complete and we consider it an intermediate skill project. 


P320 Field Strip Video Index: 

Checking for an unloaded firearm– 1:10

Removing the slide from the frame – 1:53

Removing the recoil spring and barrel – 2:37

Installing the barrel – 3:50

Installing the recoil spring – 4:57

Installing the slide onto the frame – 5:50


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