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Sig E2 Grip Replacement

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Sig E2 Grip Replacement

Sig P220 Equinox (below) and E2 (top)

There has been a lot of debate on doing a Sig E2 grip replacement with a regular 2-piece grip and vice versa. In this article, we will explore the Sig E2 Grip Replacement question and let you know what works. 

E2 = Ergonomics Squared

Sig Sauer released the E2 line of their “Classic Pistols” to change the ergonomics of the gun to make it more adaptable to a wider range of shooters. However, the E2 grips strengths for some shooters are also its weakness for others. 

The E2 Grips are slimmer, have no screws and have more texture so that the shooter has a firmer grip in various conditions.

Sig E2 Grips for Smaller Hands

Shooters with smaller hands seem to like the E2 grips as they can wrap their hands around the frame better which in turn gives them better trigger finger placement. However, some larger handed shooters may find that the E2 grip is a little on the smaller side for them. I personally have larger hands and have no problem with the thinner grip size and quite frankly like how the pistol feels in my hand.

Sig E2 Grip Tool

I find the most annoying part of the E2 grip is the lack of grip screws. To remove E2 grips you need to use a special grip tool that comes with your pistol. To remove the grips you lock your slide to the rear and insert the tool into the mag well. From there you twist it to spread the grips from the frame and remove them from the rear (see our E2 Grip Removal and Install Video). This is good in theory, however, I find that the E2 grip tool does not spread the grips enough to remove them from the frame. Also, maneuvering the grip around the Decocker and Trigger Spring during removal and install is awkward. I use zip ties as wedges to spread the grips a little more to remove them and avoid pulling off the Decocker and Trigger spring during removal or install.

Installing or removing Sig E2 grips without the E2 Grip Tool

If you purchased a used Sig with E2 Grips and it did not come with an E2 Grip Tool, you can use the handle of some plyers to push from the inside and use the folded over zipties wedges like I mention above. 

Do Sig E2 Grips really have better ergonomics?

Yes, E2 Grips have better ergonomics and I love the texture of the of them. I feel that I have a good purchase on the pistol. However, I do find concealed carry to be a little challenging with the rougher texture as It will rub my skin raw but that is nothing that an undershirt cannot solve. 

Can I change my standard 2-piece grip to an E2 grip?

Yes, you can change your standard 2-piece grip on the P220 (DA/SA), P226 (DA/SA) as well as the P229 (DA/SA and DAK). However, it is not quite a direct replacement. Sig sells an upgrade kit for about $70 on their website to do this. Shopping around on the Internet I have seen this kit selling for as low as $55. This kit comes with the E2 grip tool, Hammer Seat, Hammer Strut and on DA/SA kits, a new decocking lever. 

I have not figured out why you would get a new decocking lever in the kit as the two pistols that I used for the research on this article had no problems with clearance in the Decocker or its function regardless of which grip was on either pistol. This leads me to believe that there may be a difference in decocking lever between the old-style and the new-style as well as the E2 pistols. 

Hammer Strut Differences in Sig E2 Grips

Sig Mainspring differences
New-style on the left, E2 on the right

Sig redesigned the Hammer Strut and Seat in 1999 to what is commonly known as the “New-Style”. The old-style 4 piece hammer strut assembly (see my old-style hammer strut disassembly and reassembly video) was replaced with this new-style 3 piece assembly. This redesign essentially changed out metal seat with a plastic one eliminating a pin to keep the assembly together. To accommodate the new seat, Sig also redesigned the spring. The new-style is much easier to maintain than the old-style as you can see in our Sig Classic Disassembly and Reassembly videos. However, with the introduction of the E2, Sig once again redesigned the Hammer Strut and Seat for use with the new grip style. 

Sig E2 Grip Replacement Kit
Sig E2 Grip Replacement Kit

I highly recommend that you purchase the E2 upgrade kit to switch out the grip. You can put an E2 grip onto a pistol with the “New-Style” of hammer strut and seat. However, there is some rubbing that happens on the hammer strut and spring and you will notice that the grips move slightly when that rubbing happens. I did not have access to a pistol with the old-style hammer strut assembly to try out the E2 grip with it. However, I would expect it to rub as well. 

Can I change my E2 grip to a standard 2-piece grip?

220 Equinox Grip
220 E2 Pistol with 2-Piece Grips

Yes, you can change your E2 grip to a standard 2-piece grip as a direct replacement. The E2 Hammer strut has plenty of clearance in the 2-piece grip not to mention that the frames are still threaded to accept grip screws. If you have an E2 Hammer Strut and Seat installed on your pistol you can easily switch from an E2 Grip and standard 2-piece grips. 

Final thoughts

I believe that Sig has done a great job keeping their Classic pistol line up to date with shooters needs. If you need a thinner grip or like the feel of the E2 grips you can switch out to the new grips easily for a reasonable cost. If you have the new grips and want to change out to a more traditional grip, it is a direct replacement of the grip.

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