Shell Sorter

Shell Sorter – A faster way to sort your range brass?


TRB Shorts is a series that we bring you an overview of a product in under 5 minutes. In this episode, Shell Sorter – A faster way to sort your rage brass?, I walk you through the use of the Shell Sorter to sort through my range brass. 

We do a lot of shooting and need to reload to keep the slides on our guns moving and also to keep range testing moving. When we go to the range, we not only pick up our brass but also pick up whatever is laying around. If there is brass that I don’t reload for, I usually trade that for other brass that I may need. 

Watch Brass Sorter – A faster way to sort your range brass?


As you can see, these shell sorters are pretty easy to use. I bought my shell sorters at Brownells. However, Brownells does not carry the 380 shell plate. After some searching, I found the 380 shell plate on Amazon.

The trick to using the Shell Sorters is to put your brass in the top and work that until all that is left doesn’t pass through. After that, you work on the middle one and then finally the bottom one. To sort out the 380s from your 9mm brass, you put the 380 shell plate into the top sorter (45 and 308) and then run everything from your bottom sorter through again. The 380s will drop through leaving you with just 9mm. 

If you frequently find 380s in your 9mm pile, you will definitely want to get the 380 plate. 

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