Raising Young Sharpshooters

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In this episode of For the Love of Guns, we sit down with Keith, also known as 2A Dad, to discuss his journey in raising two proficient young shooters. Keith shares his background, the importance of firearm safety, and practical advice for parents introducing their children to shooting sports. He emphasizes the role of consistent training and dedication, comparing it to learning a martial art. Keith also talks about the challenges of navigating anti-gun sentiment on social media and how he continues to teach his children responsible gun ownership despite these hurdles.

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Hold My Guns: A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization helping firearm owners during mental health crises by partnering with FFLs to securely store firearms. https://holdmyguns.org
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Topics Discussed:

The significance of firearm safety for children
Practical tips for parents new to shooting sports
The comparison of firearm training to martial arts
The impact of anti-gun sentiment on social media
How Keith manages his children’s exposure to firearms responsibly
The importance of consistent and dedicated training for young shooters

Video of the show:

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Entities Mentioned and Resources:

Hold My Guns: holdmyguns.org
Ammo Squared: trb.fyi/a2
Marine Gun Builder: freedomcrewuniversity.com
Notable Quote:

“Firearms are a common tool in my house, no different than a saw, a hammer, or a kitchen knife.” – Keith, 2A Dad (Timestamp: 00:10:25)

Links and Resources Mentioned:

2A Boys Web Page – https://www.the2aboys.com/

2A Boys on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/@The2ABoys

2A Boys on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/the2aboys

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