PF320PTEX vs WCP320
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PF320PTEX vs WCP320 – Which grip module outperforms?

I purchased two aftermarket grip modules. The PF320PTEX by Polymer80 and the WCP320 by Wilson Combat. Both of these grip modules have their pluses and minus’, but which one outperformed the other?


In this video, I walk you through a tabletop comparison of the grip modules. I give you my initial observations and impressions of both products in the video before taking it out to the range for testing. 

PF320PTEX vs WCP320 – Learn more

The P320 is an extremely modular pistol with a thriving aftermarket industry. You can pick up the PF320PTEX from or friends at JSD Supply while the WCP320 was purchased directly from Wilson Combat. We have several videos on the P320 such as our Disassembly and Reassembly Video and our MUP1 P320 80% Frame Completion Video. 

In this video, we feature two MUP1 frames. One is the original MUP1 80% build that I did while the other is the FCU that was modified by AB Prototype for the Manual Safety. Check our site out for more content on this excellent pistol. You will be surprised as to what you can do with it on customizations. 

It was a lot of fun playing with these grip modules and I look forward to having more range time with them to see if I can push them to their limits. 

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