Old Sig Hammer Strut
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Old Style Sig Hammer Strut Assembly Disassembly

While filming the Sig Classic Disassembly video, I show you the method I use for disassembling the old style of Hammer Strut Assembly. This can be found on the older Sig P226, P229, P220 and other Sig Classic Pistols. The Sig Armors manuals does not go into detail on how to take the Hammer Strut Assembly apart. I highly recommend that you not take this assembly apart unless you need to.

Sig’s directions are as follows for the P226, P229 and P220:

  1. Remove the right grip plate and the left grip plate
  2. Lift the mainspring seat until it is free from its mounting in the frame
  3. Remove the hammer strut assembly from the frame
  4. Remove the mainspring pin from the hammer strut

NOTE: When relaxing any tensioned spring, wear adequate eye protection and use caution!

   5. Separate the mainspring seat, mainspring and hammer strut

For reassembly, reverse the sequence used for disassembly.

As you can see, there is no real guidance on how to do this and we can tell you that the mainspring is under a considerable amount of pressure. The only thing in the above directions that we found useful was that warning about using eye protection and caution.

Let’s start with what you will need:

  1. Your Hammer Strut Assembly (obviously)
  2. 11 Inch Zip Tie (don’t go cheap use a high strength one something like 50 lb)
  3. Hammer
  4. 5/64″ roll pin punch
  5. Magnetic parts tray (to catch the Mainspring Pin when you punch it out if you use the vice)
  6. Vice (at least a 4 1/2″)
  7. Padded Vice Jaws (I did not use them in the pictures or video so that I could get clean pictures and video)
  8. Eye protection


Start by wrapping your zip tie around the strut assembly like the pictures below

Make sure that you have the zip tie around the top of the hammer strut, almost like the point is going to pierce it. Doing this will protect the end of the hammer strut when in the vice, as well as grips the zip tie so that it does not slip off on you.

Now that the zip tie is in place, you can put the hammer strut into the vice and compress the spring. You will need to push down onto the strut assembly since it will start to jackknife on you. When the hammer strut assembly starts to jackknife, you will need to tighten the zip tie again.

Now that the spring is compressed, pull the punch out that holds the Mainspring Seat onto the assembly.

Once that is removed, be extremely cautious as the zip tie is the only thing holding the tension of the spring.

Put your assembly back into the vice and slowly compress it a little more. Now that the assembly is compressed, grab as much of it as possible with your hand. Be careful to hold the assembly tight to keep parts from flying (they are going to want to do this) and cut the zip tie.

The hammer strut assembly is not taken apart.

Remember that this procedure can be done on other Sig Classic Pistols like the P226, P229 and P220. 

If you would like to see a video on how to do this, see our Sig Classic Old Style Hammer Strut Disassembly and Reassembly Video


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