Laser Academy Hunt Target

Mantis Laser Academy Hunt Target

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One of the things that I complained about when I first started playing with the Mantis Laser Academy is the lack of support for the Hunt Target. The target was in the pack but there was no module for it or instructions on how to use it.

In the latest update, Mantis Laser Acacemy added the Hunt Target module. They actually added two modules. Hunt and Head to Head Hunt. It is nice to see Mantis add more targets to the head to head modules. 

Watch Mantis Laser Academy Update // The Hunt Target Will Take Your Dry Fire Training To The Next Level!

I like the Mantis Laser Academy because it really gives you a work out. But what I like about the company is their willingness to continual development and updates. The addition of the hunt to both single and head to head shooting, proves that they are taking the product seriously.

Unfortunately, there is only one Hunt Target in your target pack. To go Head to Head you will either need to purchase another target pack or you can download it for free here and navagate to laser academy and then to smart targets. 

The Hunt Target is a premium module and is not available on the free version of Laser Academy. But that is okay… this target is almost worth the purchase of a license alone.  Check out the Mantis Laser Academy today!

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