Mantis Blackbeard

Mantis Blackbeard Review

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Mantis Blackbeard Review

Are you looking for the ultimate dryfire training solution for your AR? The Mantis Blackbeard is probably the best out there! 

Mantis sent me a Blackbeard a few months ago for evaluation. I can honestly tell you that there has not been a day that I have not worked with this product. The Blackbeard has the advantage of resetting your trigger after each shot so that you don’t have to pull the charging handle each time.

Watch MANTIS BLACKBEARD DRY FIRE TRAINING // Auto-resetting trigger system for your rifle training


Tuning the Laser

The laser on the Mantis Blackbeard can be adjusted for tuning the shots it makes in your rifle. For instance, if the shots are hitting a little low, you can simply adjust the elevation. The same thing for left and right.
To make this process easier, there is a switch on that you can throw so that the laser is always on.  Once you have the laser set, you throw the switch again and it is not shot activated again. 
If you are shooting at extremely close distances, you will not be able to adjust the laser enough to be on target. This is due to the fact that the sights are about 2 inches tall on an AR. You will either need to aim 2 inches higher or create a new target. I 3D printed a circle and attached it to my laser target to achieve the desired results. You can see this in the video above.

Adding the X10

If you are looking for the ultimate training solution, add the Mantis X10 to your rifle with the Blackbeard. This combination will give you a powerful training session without leaving your house. The X10 app has been updated to recognize shots made from the Blackbeard.  Not only will you be able to see your shots from the Blackbeard, but the X10 will tell you how to improve your shots. 


Would I purchase this product? Absolutely. With the price and scarcity of ammunition these days, It only takes a few shooting sessions to recoup the cost of the product.

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