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Live 3D Printing

Live 3D printing


We are now airing our 3D printing activities live and you never know what we may be doing. If we are printing, we are streaming and if there is no stream is available, our printer is idle. 

Watching our live stream may give you insights as to what an upcoming video may have in it, or just something that we are playing with.

While you are on our site, visit our 3D printing for the Gun Person page to see the projects and articles on 3D printing. 


It’s not as expensive as you think!

Most people think that 3D printers are expensive. There are several printers on the market for home users. I paid about $220 for my printer and about $23 for my filament (plastic).

My 3D printing setup

I use the Creality Ender 3  and have it connected to a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running OctoPrint. You do not need the Raspberry Pi or OctoPrint to run the printer. I use the Raspberry Pi 3B+, storage card and webcam in conjunction with OctoPrint to do my streaming and video work. 

3D printing filaments I use



For my everyday printing needs, I run the eSUN PLA Pro filament as it feeds and prints well. If I need more strength than PLA can provide, I use the Gizmo Dorks Low Odor ABS or the eSUN PETG filaments. Silk Shiny Fast Color Gradient is a specialty filament that I have used for crafts. It prints well and gives you some unique color changes throughout the print. 


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