D&H Tactical P320 30 Round Mag

D&H Tactical P320 30 Round Mag // More fun less reloading?


D&H Tactical P320 30 Round Mag // More fun less reloading?

When I see 30 round mags it takes me back to my days doing bowling pin shoots with my Glock 17. But now that I am running a P320, the D&H Tactical P320 30 Round Mag takes me to my happy place one more time. 


One of the problems with being an early P320 fan is that the aftermarket products have been slow to come out.  But now that D&H Tactical has released this mag, I can shoot to my heart’s content. However, is it a good mag? I have seen plenty of 30 round mags for other guns that were just awful. 

Watch D&H Tactical magazine for the Sig P320 // Finally aftermarket Magazines for the P320!

The D&H Tactical P320 30 Round Mag is an all-metal body that is laser welded at the back. The follower moves easily although it was a little stiff the first few times that I loaded up. When I took it to the range, I put about 400 rounds through it and it performed flawlessly. I threw several manufacturers’ ammo through it and even some of my reloads. 

I like that they did window cuts so you could see how many rounds were loaded. Also, I like that the windows were in ovals rather than the typical circle cuts that other manufacturers use. This is a minor cosmetic change, but I like it. 

The D&H Tactical P320 30 Round Mag is well thought out and functions nicely. If you are looking to add a higher capacity mag or maybe you have a PCC that runs P320 mags, you should check this one out. They will be released sometime in Summer of 2022.

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