Crossbreed holsters the reckoning

CROSSBREED HOLSTERS – The Reckoning revisit

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CROSSBREED HOLSTERS – The Reckoning revisit


It has been two years since I received the CrossBreed Holsters The Reckoning. Since then I have used this holster for my Everyday Carry (EDC) when I carry my Sig P320. I posted the original video a while back and it quickly became the most hated video on my YouTube channel. In this video, I answer some of the questions that were in the comment section. Honestly, when I published The Reckoning by CrossBreed Holsters, I was still uncomfortable in front of the camera so you didn’t see the holster in use. This video also addresses that. Watch the video below to see if The Reckoning is the holster for your EDC. 

Watch CROSSBREED HOLSTERS – The Reckoning revisit



As you can see, The Reckoning can be used for inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB). Even if you don’t initially purchase the parts to convert from IWB to OWB they can be purchased on the CrossBreed website or other places on the web.

I find this holster pretty comfortable to wear and the ability to convert it is a bonus even though I do not like IWB holsters. The leather is soft against your body and your gun. Being leather on one side also helps with firearm retention as your body pushes the leather into the gun a little. 


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