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Coronavirus – Quarantine Quarter Challenge

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Coronavirus – Quarantine Quarter Challenge


From The Rogue Banshee bunker… I mean The Rogue Banshee Studio we bring you the CV Quarantine Quarter Challenge. The goal is to balance a quarter on the front sight of your pistol and dry fire (if the manufacturer says it is safe for your pistol to dry fire) 5 times while keeping the quarter on the front sight.



With social distancing protocols in place because of the Coronavirus, some gun ranges have decided to close. This leaves the shooting public with no place to practice their sport. Some of us use dry fire drills to fill the void during winter and I decided to share one that has been with me for 26 years. 

This exercise will show you if you are jerking the trigger of your pistol robbing you of accuracy. When completed, you need to tag 5 people and have them complete the challenge.

If you are new to shooting, drop us a line on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or our website and we will try to find someone for you.

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Coronavirus – Quarantine Quarter Challenge Accepted

Some individuals have accepted my challenge and they are:

Hanna Bilodeau

Switchpod (he taught me how to do speeds and feeds which came in handy for the P320 80% video)

Zeke Shoots

Make sure you check these amazing people out and subscribe to their channels and Instagram pages. 

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