Beretta M9-22

Beretta M9-22 – Is this the 22 Long Rifle Pistol we have been waiting for?

In this video, I take the Beretta M9-22 to the range for some testing. From there we come back inside for the tabletop review. Even though the M9-22 has been out for a while, we wanted to visit this pistol and bring a video to you. This was the last pistol that my wife bought when I still had my FFL. I guess this was her parting gift for having to deal with me dealing with the customers at all hours. Quite frankly, she could have purchased anything that she wanted. After all, the last gun though my A&D book was going to be for me. 

Magazines can be hard to find but We found them at Brownells after a little waiting. Click here to buy them 

Watch BERETTA M9 22 LR: The Beretta 22LR pistol everyone was wanting:


I have seen a few Beretta pistols in 22LR come through the shop during my time as an FFL. However, they just didn’t do it for me. I grew up shooting a Smith and Wesson 41 (still have that gun today and use it for Steel Challange) as well as a High Standard. I just love 22s. I am not sure if it is just something that takes me back to my childhood or just being a child at heart. Either way, I try to shoot 22s whenever possible. 

The Beretta M9-22 is a dedicated 22lr pistol, not a conversion. It is nice to wrap your hands around a full size 22 pistol. Afterall I have big hands and most 22s today are smaller so getting to shoot a large frame 22 is a great experience. 

Beretta M9-22 – Additional Content for the Beretta enthusiest

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