Beretta 92 96 M9 Frame Reassembly Video


Our Beretta 92 96 M9 Frame Reassembly Video shows you how to reassemble the Beretta 92/96/M9 frame from its individual parts. 


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Video Index: 

Assembling the Magazine Catch – 0:41

Installing the Magazine Release Assembly – 1:59 

Installing the Ejector – 3:15

Installing the Hammer Release and Firing Ping Block Lever – 4:30

Installing the Sear – 6:25

Installing the Hammer and Hammer Strut – 8:49

Installing the Main Spring- 10:14

Installing the Trigger and Trigger Bar – 11:36

Installing the Slide Stop – 14:47

Installing the Disassembly Latch – 16:12

Installing the Grips – 17:36